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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Gerald "Jerry" Scott

Gerald "Jerry" Scott
June 14th 1941 to January 17th 2009

I am sure Korbin and Barney are there to greet you.

Current Mood: Sad


Now Im gonna cry.

wait a sec- 2008? or 2009?


Thanks, I'm an idiot

Re: Fixed

No worries. I was hoping I wasn't 1 year out of the loop

Oh shit, what happened? Is there a wake? I and Amy were just talking about him today, saying we had not seen him in a bit.

Sorry abotu the delay

He had a heart attack. I found out the Tuesday after, they called because he had been in my car and they were looking for the next of kin - which we haven't found yet.

We are just planning a memorial now. Any chance we can have it at your place - it would probably be easier for people in the city to get there then some of the other options.

Re: Sorry abotu the delay

Yes, we can do it at my place.