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Sleep Is Tiring

Just finished filling out a questionnaireabout my sleep habits for my appointment at the sleep clinic tomorrow. It was long, just filling it out made me tired. I am sure that was not the goal but it seemed appropriate.

Catching up:
Saturday was very nice. joystormer and I went to see who_is_she at an opening of an art show she was in. Sometime later who_is_she and I went to see Tuxedo. Cute movie; but not much more than that. I have a concept of the movie being a statement of the difference between the neuveaux wealthy and old money class, but haven't spent too much time thinking about it.
I got back in time to receive a call from my good friend challon. He saw my post about me being burned out and was concerned about me. So he decided to make sure I was ok. It is nice to have such good friends.
Sat evening I went with joystormer and Barney to auge_30 and avid_atheist's place. Barney loved the place, he was running around, popping out into their little fenced yard to see what the neibourhood had to offer. Auge and Avid_Atheist seemed to really like him.
He had eaten a rather large child on the way there so he had had his fill and was well behaved.
Augie cooked a wonderful dinner, and we watched Waking Life good movie but mostly just surface noise, no real deep meaning like Tuxedo.
Sunday we stopped by Green River Meats to get some stuff to bring to Joystormer's dad's place for lunch. Also bought Barney some good bones for Chewing (his teeth are nice and white today). We stopped by Joystormer's sister's place. I got to meet her and her hubby. Joystormer's dad and stepmom (or at least his companion) were quite nice.
Got home in time for an enjoyable Sunday dinner and cathartic family meeting.

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