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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
The Great Seattle Chicken Hunter

I was back on track Friday. I got up early, carpooled to work and was able to get a bit of work done. Sent out a nasty-gram to the collection agency (who is trying to collect a debt from a missed appointment at Virginia Mason that I never made). It was a copy of the notice of dispute that I sent before and a complaint that their Seattle address was no longer valid. These are the kind of things that are really hard for me to get done. Unpleasant is bad; unpleasant with roadblocks thrown in front of me is near impossible.

Although my presentation was due on Friday; I got a reasonable amount done and my boss wasn't upset. I left another message with the shipwrights for having my barge taken out of the water for some work. I will need to call them again tomorrow.

Thanks everyone who voiced support for me!

Barney got on the trail of something during our Friday night walk, nose to the ground all excited. joystormer noticed it first. A black chicken up ahead. Pretty strange sight in the city. Don't see many chickens of any colour.

Current Mood: Rested
Current Music: David Lanz - Return to the Heart