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Exercise update

Have some cool new personal records:

Ran 6.2 mph for 40 minutes at a 6% incline and sprinted at the end 4.15 miles.

Ran 2 miles in 13 minutes and 42 seconds - no incline.

Fast walk (4.0 mph) at 9.5% incline for 40 minutes sprint at the end 2.71 miles.

Run 5.17 miles in 40 minutes (no incline) started at 7.5 mph (8 minute miles) and began increasing the speed every few minutes at 28 minutes.

I have been including some upper-body work. For bench-pressing I was attempting reasonable weight and increasing it 5 lbs when I am able to do 3 sets of 20 in a row.
Due to being in a bit of a rush and being curious, I tried heavy weights (stopping at 12 reps in a set) last week and found out I can bench press a bit more than I weigh - that was really a surprise, when I was working out in college I could not bench my own weight.
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