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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Met the devil

I met the devil today and tried to sell him my soul. He said, no, you don't have one. But he did offer me $25 for my Black and White Grendel number 1 comic. I told him to shove off.

Pissant; I think he lied about the soul thing.

Current Mood: Medium Well to Burnt
Current Music: Gipsy Kings - Compas

indeed he/she lied about the 'soul thing'

you have a lovely soul

Awww geee

You are sweet. I have some pretty cool comic books to.

The devil is a lying bastard.

What have you been smokin' babe?! Yes, you do have a soul and I have it on good authority that a soul goes for about $600,000 a year, so it's good money, if you can get it.

Are you going to be home tonight, by chance? Wait I think you have a date tonight, yes? Well, if you don't, I will be home tonight until 10pm and I thought maybe we could have a phone date. Let me know.

Re: The devil is a lying bastard.

A phone date would be nice tonight. I'll give an email when I know when I will be leaving work. I'll take the nard for a quick walk then we can chat until you gotta go (8 my time).

As far as the soul thing, I am sure it was just a ruse to get a good deal on my comic book at a low price.

600K a year, wow! I wonder if there is a good increase from year to year on what the devil will pay. Perhaps I could buy someone's soul this year as an investment and then sell it next year to the devil for a profit? I could go into business, maybe start a partnership or do it myself, you know a "sole" proprietor (you may groan now).

Land In Duvall?

So what was the scoop on the land you were slated
to view on Saturday?
Your fillet of Soul was burnt???
Check out:"The Mother Earth News" for good recipes and
lot's of other good stuff.
or somethin' like that?
I hear there's a yearly 'cost of dying' increases on Soul
contracts these days. Ya figure that up for a coupla
Maha Yugas and an Aeon or two and you're into a whole
new tax bracket baby!!

Hey! That Grendel is mine, remember? *wink*
The devil symbol is very christian of you, don't you think?
Do you feel like someone is trying to get you to "sell out" at work or in your private life? Are you being asked to give of yourself and don't feel that it is being reciprocated?