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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

On the way home from family dinner tonight, NPR (KUOW) was playing 'American Roots', I just wasn't into it tonight so I went to the next station that is programmed in - I have no idea what station it was. They were playing 70s for Easter Sunday (no idea what the connection is - but they advertised it as such) and there was a fair amount of disco.
I began thinking: what is it that is so inherent to the disco sound, that makes it so readily identifiable as disco.
I spent some time listening to try to understand the different components of the disco sounds; which instruments had syncopated rhythms, what the drums were doing, where the vocals were in respect to the other instruments.
But I realized this was the wrong approach, and what makes disco, disco - is fairly simple. If you shut your eyes (don't do this while driving) and you can imagine a group of people dancing around on roller skates when the music is playing - it is disco.

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Disco never really went away, it's just called dance music now.

70s dance music employed a lot more instruments than rock bands normally did, often including string and/or brass sections. Also the pop music of that time is almost always emphasizing the midrange sounds rather than the extreme bass or treble frequencies.

But I like your rollerskate image a lot :-)
I remember seeing Xanadu in the theatre!

Probably has something to do with Disco rising from the dead.