Racist or just Stupid?

The internets have been having fun with a recent opinion post from Byron York.
Of particular ridicule is this portion:
... and his sky-high ratings among African-Americans make some of his positions appear a bit more popular overall than they actually are.

I would like to say that in the article he goes into some analysis of the numbers an explains his statement. I can't do that though, he doesn't analyze anything, he just spits out statistics with no real statistical argument.

Either way I can read the original statement and not think it is racist.
Many black's in America (do I really have to say African-Americans) rate Obama highly. One can't really assert that this is the same as agreeing with his positions, e.g. loving the man is not the same as loving his positions.
However the fool (York) never really makes this connection and presents statistics about how blacks and whites rate Obama's performance differently.

To defend himself against the charges of racism from the "usual suspects on the left" he cites that statistics can be misleading and the poll statistics are interesting and his critics should take time to analyze them - something he didn't bother to do.

From his article, I don't think he is a racist, I just think he is a bit stupid.

Running update

4 Miles: 29m 52s
5 Miles: 39m 12s

Last month, I got way behind on my miles with all the snow.
I was given a buy on about half my miles by going out in the fresh snow and making a snow angel.
The other half I caught up in one day. I did 16 miles in one visit to the gym.
Ran 6, Jogged 4
Did some upper body exercise
Ran 4, Limped for 2

Pretty Snow

Lovely evening for a walk in the snow. I just wish that I had had a choice.
Car is just over three miles away, had plenty of sweatshirts and coats in the car, just wish I had something other than my loafers on.

Ralph is a Total Asshole

Marty Kaplan had this to say about Ralph Nader
It's hard to believe, I know, but there is now an entire generation of 20- and 30-something Americans who don't know that Ralph Nader wasn't always a total a**hole

Ralph goes out of his way to prove this:

[Stolen from Doonesbury's Say What]

"His choice, basically, is whether he's going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country, or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations."
-- Ralph Nader on Obama, on election night

"What was that?...Are you kidding me?...I just wonder if in hindsight you wish you'd used a phrase other than 'Uncle Tom'."
-- Fox News' Shepard Smith, following up the next day

"Not at all."
-- Nader

Standing by a statement that has overtones of racism when even FOX News gives you a chance to correct it? Wow, definition of 'ASSHOLE'!
Makes me not want to wear a seatbelt.
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History or something

My original plan of going to one of the bars with big election day events planned, didn't pan out. The lines were huge! I settled for a small bar with two TVs tuned to CNN and Wireless internet access.
It was much quieter, but people still clapped everytime a state was called for Obama, when CNN finally called it for Obama, and big cheers when John McCain conceded.

Afterwards I went out to catch a bus back to my car - instead I followed the growing crowd up Pike to Capital Hill. It was amazing, people were so enthused, whooping and hollering, chanting 'Yes We Can', and high fiving each other - I hadn't realized it until I saw it on everyone else's face, I was in shock, we were all in shock, a happy, happy shock!

Do you know that feeling you get when you are alone and you think someone might be watching you (no, not paranoia, the other one)? Chills go up your spine, the air gets colder and your hair stands up on end. This is like that only the chills work their way up from your chest, catch in your throat and come out your mouth as a whooping sound and a smile. It is infectious.
You would think the people sitting in their cars, getting nowhere due to the insane throng of people would be upset. Instead they had their hand out for high-fives, they were whooping 'Obama' and they were beeping their horns in time to a 'Yes We Can' chant.

The throng stopped at Broadway and Pike where the roads were closed off to cars by the police people were on each others shoulders, people were dancing and drumming and drinking and yelling. It was like a recess from the school of reality. I hung around for about an hour, watching, whooping, smiling. I considered going to the gas station at the corner and get some beers like everyone else. I could picture drinking until I vomited out all the euphoria that was inside of me. Instead I walked back to Fremont from Capital Hill, OK so maybe I floated.

I almost don't want to go to sleep. In some ways I think this might be too much change - a critical mass of change that won't stop growing until the universe explodes from it. I would not be surprised to find that when I wake up tomorrow morning, people will be riding unicorns to work, unicorns that shit nuggets of rainbow colored candy!

My hope for the next year (and I have the audacity to hope this) is that the slow pace of politics will be faster than the pace of disillusionment.